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Primary Causes and Treatment of Snoring

Snoring is the noise which is made by an individual when breathing in through the nose or mouth while they are asleep. The noise happens when air is struggling to get in a narrowed airway hence causing vibration of the soft palate of the throat. Snoring occurs as a result of various things such as sinuses and nasal blocking as a result of the collection of mucus which is the primary cause of snoring.

Bad sleeping posture like sleeping while you are facing upwards relaxes throat muscles resulting to snoring. Aging is normal, and as you get older your body parts tend to wear, and throat muscles become narrow thus causing the snoring. Being obese is a problem as the excess fat in the body makes the muscles to become weak hence relaxing throat muscles which results to snoring. Too much intake of alcohol and cigarette smoking results to extra relaxation of throat muscles which results to snoring.

If left untreated snoring can result in inadequate sleep, irritability, and other serious health problems. Frequent snoring may cause problems in a relationship of a once loving couple. Happily currently there is introduction of numerous methods which can be used in treating snoring problems. The first thing to do is discovering what causes your snoring if the problem can be fixed by changing a few things then you should act at once. If the problem seems severe you should consult a doctor because it may be a sleeping condition called Sleeping Apnea. Sleeping Apnea is whereby a Person stops to breath for a few seconds in their sleep.

Sleeping Apnea can be treated using a Bipap machine which is specifically designed to treat such medical condition. BiPAP device is designed as a mask with a small air pump which is put in the patient’s mouth. The device is used to force the air into the patient’s nostrils The apparatus is used to observe breath and also to control the air pressure which is necessary breathing to sustain the correct balance of inhaled and exhaled air. Bipap device functions as a ventilator to regulate the proper vigor of the lungs. Using Bipap device has its benefits such as improving the overall oxygenation of the body, boosting the activeness of the heart as well as minimizing the effort on the lungs to boost the breathing.

The machine comes in three designs namely nasal mask which is recommended for individuals with sleeping problem. Oral mask is used by those people who sleep with their mouth open. This device has a humidifier which maintains moistness in the mouth. Triangular mask which fits easily depending on the shape of the face. Bipap device is a medical kit which is used only on the authorization of a certified medical physician. The Apparatus ought to be fitted by a specialist who regulates the kind of pressure which is necessary for the patient to breath usually when they are sleeping. Discontinuation of the use of BiPAP device ought to be made by the doctor only.

A Quick Overlook of Tips – Your Cheatsheet

A Quick Overlook of Tips – Your Cheatsheet