Some Important Benefits of Criminal Record Expungement in Oklahoma

Criminal record Expungement in Oklahoma allows a person who was convicted of a crime to have the record sealed. This essentially erases the record from the legal history so nobody can find it. Everyone would like to have this opportunity, but it is more important for some individuals than others. The importance of the effort must be considered, since the procedure is complicated. Only some criminal behavior is eligible for record expungement, and there will be legal fees involved. The process also can take a fair amount of time.

Employment Considerations

A criminal history can have a significant negative effect on a person’s attempts to find a job. In Oklahoma, employers are not allowed to directly ask candidates about felony convictions, but employers may still run background checks and eliminate candidates from consideration. Expungement in Oklahoma hides convictions from those background investigations, as long as the crime qualifies for this legal process.

Casual Online Checks by Employers and Landlords

Even if the organization does not pay for an official background check, Human Resources staff members can still look for criminal records on the Internet. This is relatively easy, especially for someone who is experienced with doing so. This also can pose problems for people who need to rent an apartment and must deal with landlords conducting their own casual online background checks.

Benefits to the Public

Interestingly, a student project completed at Stanford University also showed a public benefit for expungement. When citizens have an easier time finding work, they are less likely to rely on public assistance. They have more money to spend, which helps the economy. They also contribute at least some amount to the tax base, even if this is only for funds to the Federal Insurance Contributions Act (FICA) that pays for Social Security and Medicare.

Oklahoma has relatively favorable laws in regard to expungement, so it makes sense for someone who has completed a sentence or a period of probation to contact a Tulsa Criminal Defense Law Firm for information about this possibility. Not everyone will qualify, but for those who do, the effort can be well worth the results.