Pond Fountains Go Noticed: An Argument for the Whimsy and Magic of Fountains in High-Traffic Areas

Pond fountains usually come in two forms, and they both add an instant sense of recognition and charm. The first is a self-contained structure that holds a fountain inside of it. The other is a lake mountain, utilizing the nature and the present lake to draw the eyes and attract the crowds. Both are effective for contributing to the aesthetics of a property space. Where can pond fountains be found and why are they such wonderful additions?

Common Places to Find Them

Pond fountains can be found at popular city corners to add an authentic whimsy to space. They are commonly found off major exits or next to city welcome signs. The city implements them as a nice addition to the city’s introduction. But, they are popular outside small business properties. They can be found outside gyms, where customers are greeted by the cascading trickle of a beautiful fountain. They are popular additions in any place where visitors walk along a pond or courtyard.

Structured Fountains

Some fountains are completely manufactured. For example, there may not be a pond surrounded by grass at all. The pond could be contained within a concrete structure. The structure has a fountain present in its center. This opens up a new door of artistic possibilities. Designers could add the aesthetics of the business to the container structure. These fountain structures are often found outside museums or in the center of historic shopping districts. Just like in the city introduction example, the fountains add charm and beauty to the area through visuals (the fountain itself, sound (the falling water) and even smell (essential oils).

All of the above pieces help add to the story of why pond fountains are so brilliant. Structured pond and lake fountains both add to a whimsical and wonderful attraction to a property space. They harken back to nature. The sprinkling fall of the water is a steady reminder of comfort and coziness. It is the exact kind of feeling many business owners want from their customers. It is a feeling they can capture all the time, every minute, with every person walking in.